Launch events
The launch events will enable the creation of the first characters, distribution of the first tokens, and thus initial funding of the game.

Pioneer characters sales

Early adopters will be able to buy the very first characters of the game.
8000 characters will be released, as follows:
  • 100 for team and developments
  • 100 on community giveaways
  • 800 on the first sale
  • 1500 on the second batch
  • 2500 on the third batch
  • 3000 on the fourth batch
Each character will be generated with a random body and attributes. 50 points will be randomly distributed among the main attributes (STR, DEX, CON, INT, CHA): 7 to 12 per attribute. There is a 30% chance of getting 1 more point in one attribute (13), 10% of getting two more points (14) and 1% chance of getting the maximum 15.

WOQG token release

From the funds reserved for launch, a part of the tokens will be distributed to the owner of each character (x tokens per character).
A part will be used for giveaways on community events.
The remaining part will be supplied on an exchange.

Community events

We'll be running some events to start building the community, and giving away characters and WOQG as rewards.
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